Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Spontenaity

This morning my spin instructor said "this is where we find out how your nutrition was over the weekend" and my first thought was "oh no."
It happens, we have all had a period of 24-48 hours where calories are not counted, but sometimes it is so worth it. Seriously though, having a bit of a diet cheat will not hurt you in the long run as long as you acknowledge that it is a mild/temporary cheat and not a dietary change! My weekend started with an awesome concert at Herndon's Friday Night Live with some of my family and ended with me hanging out on the patio playing 2048 (thanks to Dawson for getting me re-addicted to that one...)
The best way that I can describe this weekend is to say that I had an amazing time just living in the moment.
Traveling to Charlottesville on Saturday for the afternoon turned into me not getting home until 6:45pm on Sunday after a last minute decision to pounce on some tickets that Maryland released to UVA for the game yesterday. It was so much fun to get to hang out at a ball game with my friends (and teach Meghan baseball...she is teaching me soccer). Honestly, I wouldn't have done the weekend any differently and it made me really think about sweating the small stuff, something I am guilty of doing all the time. Instead, I took a couple of days of just going with the flow and I feel so rejuvenated going in to this work week!

If any of y'all are interested in tuning into the decisive game 3 in the UVA-UMD series, it is going to be on tonight at 7pm on ESPNU! Or you can watch the Orioles-Red Sox game that I'm gonna be at (have I mentioned that I love my internship).


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