Thursday, June 12, 2014

Inspired Horoscopes

from Levo League's Instagram
I have never really been one to pay any attention to my horoscope. I mean, I look at it now and then, but I just kind of want to see if it is ever close to reflecting the kind of day I am having. Today was one of those days where I took a peek at my horoscope and absolutely loved what it said. 
"You may encounter a new idea or perspective that changes your life today -- so get ready for something really new! It's likely to be almost all positive so don't fret or worry about the consequences!"
I am a firm believer that creating opportunities is just as important as capitalizing on them, and this might just be a reflection on that. My mind is in overdrive with all these new ideas I have had sitting at my desk today for some reason. I love days like these, those days when you are so inspired and are pumping yourself up for no particular reason. Of course, this does not mean things are about to fall into my lap or that I am about to stretch myself thin in 1,000 different directions, but knowing that there is a world of possibility at my fingertips is enough to get me going!

I hope all of you have an inspiring day and are as pumped for the weekend as I am!


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