Saturday, June 28, 2014

Beach Manicures

Good Morning from the road! My family is locked and loaded and heading down to Sunset Beach, NC for a week of family, fun and the sun...and possibly a beach drink or two ;) I got really excited for the beach this week, so there might be a bit of a theme to the blog posts you see this week, but we could all use a little vacation, even if it's just taking a few minutes to escape the work day and catch up on your favorite blogs!
Does anyone else ever wish that they could name nail polishes for a living? I mean, I have to imagine those meetings are so much fun and I love the creative names that people come up with. Since I am heading to the beach, it seemed like Essie's "Bikini So Teeny" was a no-brainer for what polish to wear (at least for the first part of the week). It's not that you have to paint your nails a beach-y named color to sit with your toes in the sand, but it does make it more fun. Here are some other beach-y named polishes that I love!
Bikini So Teeny; Watermelon; Mojito Madness
Los Cabos Coral; Planks A Lot; Party In My Cabana
Turquoise and Caicos; Sand Tropez; Meet Me At Sunset

What are your favorite colors to wear at the beach?
Sugar Snap Pearls


  1. I love Turquoise and Caicos! It is definitely a go to for me.

    Emily | E is for Elegance

  2. I love all these colors but turquoise and caicos is my most worn and most complimented! Currently wearing it now with a silver party nail!

    Please check out my blog! xo

  3. My latest favorite is OPI's Mod About You, but when I'm going for a more tropical look, I do Turquoise and Caicos! Seriously loving that Sand Tropez- looks like it'd going with everything!