Sunday, June 22, 2014

Disney Princesses Make Things Happen

I am sure we have all read those articles about how the Disney Princess movies of our childhoods have given us a false sense of romance and reality. We all want to be damsels in distress and have a prince come save us or we are totally willing to sacrifice anything to get the man of our dreams, blah, blah blah...
Sure, there might be a bit of validity in that, but I prefer to focus on the positives, like the fact that Belle passed up Gaston and loved to read. Last night on Pinterest I came across a quote that made me giggle and at the same time was a great motivator. 
Before this I had never heard of Kiera Cass, but I absolutely love this quote she gave. Heck, even the Disney Princesses had to make their fate happen. It also made me think of one of my favorite quotes from White Christmas.
(disclaimer: I am not encouraging you to "plus" honesty...strictly referring to the pushing haha)
So go out there this week, and for the rest of your lives and make things happen for yourself! Carpe Diem, with the help from a cup of coffee, naturally. Speaking of coffee, check out my new About Me page! 

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