Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Five: Proportions

One of my favorite parts of the Friday Five is coming up with a unifying element or title. Sometimes that doesn't happen, but this week it did. It's all about proportions and relative importance to society, health, and fashion, enjoy!
One: 33 3 Ingredient Recipes
How awesome are these? I really want to try a couple of them since they are so stinking easy! Also, I love nutella and brownies, so those obviously will be the first recipe I try ;)

This is an issue that goes beyond the tragedy a couple of weeks ago. I really liked some of these tweets and the Yes, All Men article. If you haven't seen either yet, I highly recommend them!

Three: Face the Facts
Okay, I am so guilty of eating because I am bored. Sometimes a good Pinterest quote can put that in perspective. Drinking more water has taken a concious effort on my part over the last couple of weeks and I am really noticing a difference in my cravings (I actually crave water...)

Four: Sizeable
I saw a link to this on Facebook and think it is such a good idea. I hate seeing items on rail-thin models and having the article look nothing like that when I actually try it on. This is a very honest look at how certain styles will look on all body types! Even if you aren't going to shop on it, it is nice to see how the styles look on girls with similar body types.

This man is a baseball legend. He is often called the Forrest Gump of baseball because he was around for everything. He was an integral part of my childhood memories as a Yankees fan, being the bench coach for the 4 consecutive Yankees World Series wins. We miss ya, Zimmy! 

Have you seen anything this week that really stuck out to you?

Sugar Snap Pearls 

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  1. The nutella brownies look so tasty.. the link that you shared is the bomb. I'm thinking about trying the chocolate croissant! They also mention a vegan ice cream with a coconut milk base, that is really good and worth trying. There is a lady from a cape town who opened an ice cream shop selling only that type of ice cream and her business is booming!

    xxx Taylor