Saturday, June 21, 2014

Snail Mail Correspondence

Today we communicate through texting, snapchat, phone calls, and emails. Everyone is always engaged. Handwriting skills are being replaced by speedy typing and a card is being replaced by an evite. I am far from complaining about this because I absolutely love having everything just a click away, but I do sometimes miss the seemingly lost art of snail mail correspondence. Actually, I miss it so much that I wanted to make a conscious effort to write some cards and I put it on my 22x22 list! 
Recently I got a couple of cute stationary sets at Target since I brilliantly left all of mine at school and this morning I decided to take advantage of the rain keeping me inside and watching sportscenter  to write a couple of cards. 
It doesn't take a ton of time, and it is always so much fun to get a letter in the mail. Stationary prices and style selections have a broad range for however formal, colorful, etc. you want it to be. In addition to loving cute packs of stationary, I am a huge fan of fun, individualistic cards. I have a few that I got from Harriet's General in Culpeper, one of my favorite little shops ever, especially for their paper goods selection. Individualized cards are great to add an even more personal touch to a correspondence and I sometimes have one or two on hand for close friends who don't live close by just in case they need a card or a pick-me-up one day. 

Does anyone else love snail mail correspondence?

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  1. I love handwritten letters! I have been writing lots of thank you notes lately and it has just been so fufilling!

    Emily | E is for Elegance