Friday, June 13, 2014


How great is the World Cup? I mean, I am not a huge soccer fan, but all the hype of the World Cup definitely gets me into the game. It isn't as though the entire concept of the sport is foreign to me, I just don't enjoy the event as much as I do others (i.e. the Spurs whooping some Heat butt). While I am not a fanatic of the sport, my friend, Meghan, is, and has been blowing up my wall, twitter, and life with little soccer facts to get me ready, so in honor of that, here is a bit of a belated Friday Five: World Cup Edition. And, don't forget your vuvuzela...just kidding, those were banned this year (thank god).

Gotta love Buzzfeed and their articles. This is helpful for understanding just how the World Cup is set up and how the teams ultimately reach the championship game!!!

This is basically me halfway through any given game, but I will continue to watch games that the United States plays because, you know, AMERICA. Oh, and they flop, but unlike a basketball player, they don't get a $5,000 fine, instead they get a penalty shot (significantly more important than a bball foul and a pair of free throws)
Just in case number two caused you to rethink if you should be wearing all things red, white, and blue while cheering for a form of football that is not played on a gridiron...

Is an explanation really necessary for this one? You're welcome. This is Mat Ryan...yes, Mat with only one "t" for reasons that I don't totally understand, however he is quite attractive so it's not really any points against him. Oh, and Croatia's coatch looks like Joseph Gordon-Levvitt so that's cool.

Five: This Awesome Infographic
Thanks to Meghan, Buzzfeed, and random links on my friends' Facebook walls for introducing me to all of this!

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