Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How to Rock Summer Booties

You know that moment when you get water on your new leather shoes and you basically want to cry? No? Yeah, me either... Seriously though, I had a "my favorite new shoes are drenched in water and this is tragic, plus it's ruining my outfit and making me late for work" moment yesterday. Good news though, the shoes are a-okay and with a touch of leather conditioner are going to be even better! 
What shoes deserve all this love? My new booties from DSW that I got a couple of weeks ago while on the hunt for the perfect leather, non-pump, non-sandal to wear to work. I was actually inspired to look for these by a Michael Kors wedge and decided that I really wanted a bootie because it had longer seasonal wear. Objectively, I think everyone should get this shoe because the leather is buttery soft, it is a perfect neutral and the stacked heel is comfortable for walking around and wearing all day.
For some reason, people think that a bootie has to be worn with a pair of pants, but you can absolutely wear them with shorts, dresses, etc. Today I am wearing it with this great dress from TJ Maxx (super comfy) and this weekend I might throw them on with a romper! Here are some of my favorite booties from around the internet!
Crown Vintage Avery (the pair I have!)
Vince Camuto Maizy
Dolce Vita Shandy
Dolce Vita Yuri
 Nine West Jarrad
Nine West Jarrad 
Oh, and since Pinterest helped inspire the beginning of my love of booties, here is a little inspiration for you!
How do you rock your booties in the summer? Also, little anecdote: when I was talking to my Grandma on the phone and said "summer booties," she thought I meant my butt! haha

Sugar Snap Pearls

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