Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What's In my (Gym) Bag

I am writing this post at 10pm on a Tuesday night...this may not seem late to you, but to the girl who has to wake up at 4:30 to go to spin class, this is a big no-no. That being said, I just couldn't fall asleep until I shared what I pack in my gym bag (woohoo)! 
Preparing to go to the gym is half of the battle, whether you go before or after work. Having a gym bag sitting there, waiting to be used, makes it that much harder to come up with an excuse not to go. I always pack my bag the night before as I lay out my outfit for the day so that it is all together and ready to go. My work bag is also packed the night before, but that is a different post for a later date.
Since I go to the gym before I go to work, I am the biggest fan of those showers at the gym. I finish with class, head to the showers, change for work, and am in the office at 7am. Sure it sounds sort of insane to workout at 5:15am, but having that out of the way and having your whole day ahead of you is the greatest feeling, plus I am noticeably less antsy at work.
-My Gym Bag is a Lesportsac Overnight Bag they sent me last summer and I absolutely love it, and it is even better as a gym bag. The nylon is easy to clean and remove odor from! Be careful not to pick a cotton bag that will smell when choosing a gym bag!
-The Nike Gear Bag is for my sweaty gym clothes to go in after class so that they don't stink up my normal gym bag and the rest of the stuff I bring with me.
-The toiletry kit I have packed includes makeup and face wash, etc. and I leave it stored in there all the time so that I can just grab it off my bathroom counter and go in the morning.
-My Venus Snap Razor was sent to me by Influenster and, while I was a bit skeptical at first, I have come to absolutely love it! It is a small travel razor that uses Venus Embrace blades so you don't need shaving cream, just water! This is perfect for when I forget to shave the night before but bring a dress to wear to work, especially if I am going out after work!
-A Change of Clothes is a necessity and it is nice to not be rushing around in the morning trying to get everything together
-Shower Shoes and Shampoo for my shower at the gym, but honestly, I just use the shampoo that they have at the gym because it is just as good!
-Each night I put my Water Bottle in the fridge to chill and leave a note on my bag so that I don't forget it!
-I have actually started keeping my Gym Card in the back of my phone so that I have it with me at all times and hopefully I don't leave it in my locker (again...)
-Breakfast isn't pictured, but I always bring it to the office with me because I get hungry about an hour after I work out

What do you keep in your gym bag? What other fitness-inspired posts do you want to see?
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update: I didn't make it to spin class...but I did work out! I got to the gym and rewlIzed that I had left my phone (with gym card) at home and so I had to turn around to get it! The struggle is real...

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