Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Summer Blazers

Summer is here! That means it's time to get ready for the beach, roll your windows down, and get ready for those summer jobs and internships. Going from norts and an oversized tshirt to professional can be a rough transition. However, black norts and a tuxedo t-shirt are not going to cut it come time to head into an office. Personally, I love dressing up (shocker), but I also love investing in pieces that I can dress up and down. Since I am going to be graduating a year from now (a reality I refuse to fully grasp yet), I am thinking about the items I buy and how they will transition into the next stage of life. 

Plus, a blazer can allow you to wear the same outfit to the office as you will later that evening for a Girls Night Out. Obviously, you have to still make sure your hemline is long enough and that it is a modest outfit overall, but a light blazer and accessories dress up basic sundresses and pants.
Of course, a blazer doesn't have to mean that the outfit will go to the office. In fact, shorts and a blazer can be a super cute combo for those cloudy or breezy days when you are milling about town!

If you are looking for blazers on a budget, Target has a good selection, but you can find blazers through so many retailers. Keep in mind, when shopping for a blazer, the fit should be flattering, but comfortable. There is nothing cute about a blazer that is too small or one that swallows you whole.

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