Friday, May 2, 2014

Finals Friday Five

Okay I have been compiling items for my Five on Friday for over a week now and it is taking all of my willpower not to share them at once (check back next week). Also, I hope everyone's finals are off to a good start...just think, summer is right around the corner!
I don't really think this list needs a description, but I will give it one anyways. HerCampus totally delivers with this clever and hilarious group of memes. Cheers to finding a job where you get Andrea's wardrobe...without the ice queen boss! Disclaimer: I would totally work for Miranda Priestly...

Two: Dirty Chai
Okay, my friend has now tested a Dirty Chai from a local coffee shop and it is confirmed that Starbucks has the best product. I like my chai to have some kick to it and there's is just the right amount. Of course, the price for one of these will set you back a bit, but a little self indulgence is okay every now and then. Also, I have a free drink at Starbucks right now (gotta love that Gold Card life) and can't wait to get my venti, skim, light ice, double dirty chai next week as I power through finals!
This is far from happy, but I believe it puts life in perspective and also exposes some of the media bias that we experience every day since this story really hasn't made headlines. We could all use some perspective during finals, when we believe that failing a final is the worst thing that could possibly happen to us. Please keep these girls in your prayers and count your blessings
The College Prepster had her friend, Maxie, guest blog this post and I loved it. I feel like I dread Sundays right now, I mean all it is to me is the day before the school week and I spend the whole night in the library. There is so much to be said for recharging before a long week and I am really going to try some of these this summer!
I am in love with these shoes. They are such an amazing summer sandal and I wish I had the money for them. I have absolutely been obsessing over how bloggers around the web are styling them, especially Cait from Southern Curls and Pearls. I don't have a ton of places to wear them, but with a shoe this cute, I think I could make it work!

Bonus: Disney and Pixar Sing "Let It Go"
I couldn't help but squeeze this in here! I am such a disney lover and the guy in this video does a great job at all the voices!


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