Friday, May 23, 2014

The Friday Five: Make Your Bed

Well this is a bit of a struggle because I totally spaced on putting up my Five on Friday until I was in the car on my way to the office...I guess that's what a 5;15am spin class does to you! Anyways, I still have links for you, I just can't remember one or two of the originals I had planned!

Maybe it's because I am about to enter my last year of college this summer, but I am all about positive change this summer. There is always room for improvement and while the climb isn't easy, it is definitely worth it!

Two: Boozy Watermelon Mint Lemonade
Happy Three Day Weekend!!! Celebrate Memorial Day weekend with this fun summer cocktail! Thanks, Pinterest!

First of all, if you have not already checked out Southern Curls & Pearls, you need to! It is such a cute blog and I am constantly envious of Caitlin's wardrobe! This week, she has been at the beach and I am so envious of all these pics as I am sitting at my desk!

The entire speech is inspiring, but I really like the takeaway about how much of a difference making your bed can have on your day. With my early morning workout, I am really starting to appreciate getting my day started early and the increased productivity associated with taking everything one step at a time.

Five: Morgan Moses and the Redskins
I totally forgot to talk about HOO the Redskins got in the draft! For those of you who don't already know, the skins are a bit short on draft picks after trading to get the pick for RGIII, but in the third round they chose a UVA grad!

Sugar Snap Pearls

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