Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Five Steps to Decorating a Bubba Keg

Good Morning from Myrtle Beach!!! I am here on Beach Week with what feels like all of UVA right now and so happy to be here! We got here on Sunday and don't leave until Thursday so there is plenty of time to tan and hang out with friends one last time before we all go our separate ways this summer.
This year, I decided to decorate my Bubba Keg for beach week so that no one picks it up thinking it's theirs and also because I love to craft! I actually didn't have time to finish decorating it before Beach Week because I was working on a Mother's Day project so I had to finish crafting it on our balcony in our suite! Nothing says "you're in a sorority" quite like monogramming a bubba keg on your balcony at beach week!
It was actually super easy to decorate the bubba keg, and while I didn't have time to do the original Lilly print I was planning to do, I love how it turned out!

What You Need:
Bubba Keg* (any size you want, but I have a 34oz and that is more than sufficient)
Painters Tape
Metal Primer
Spray Paint/Acrylic Paint
Paint Pen
Modge Podge
Waterproof Sealant

1) Line the Area in Painters Tape: Spray paint will speckle any area around the part that you are painting so make sure that everything you don't want painted is covered! (don't forget to cover the handle)
2) Apply A Coat of Metal Primer: One or two coats of this should do the trick. Also, when I say metal primer, you can use a multi-purpose primer, too! I just got one of those heavy white spray paint ones and I actually didn't even put white paint over it for the stripes because two coats was heavy enough.
3) Paint Design on a Cooler: You can really do any design you want based on time and artistic ability! I love the way a Lilly Print looks on these, but my basic stripe design took me no time at all, I just bought a little thing of spray paint and utilized more painter's tape to tape off the white area. Also, for monogramming, I would recommend a paint pen. I am pretty good at freehanding my monogram (that's what I did on my cooler) but that pen allows you to have a bit more control. I would also recommend using a monogram sticker or transfer paper to trace if you are less sure of your freehanding skills.
4) Seal the Cooler: You don't want the paint to chip! I actually didn't have modge podge with me so my cooler wasn't sealed this way, but the waterproofing did the trick for now...
5) Waterproof Your Cooler: This is a great sealant and it is perfect for the beach! The water isn't getting into my cooler which is ideal. I actually walked around in the water with my cooler yesterday and nothing happened to it so that is saying something!
6) Fill it and ENJOY! Whether it's a margarita or just water (stay hydrated, my friends), enjoy your beach beverage!

Have y'all decorated a bubba keg or cooler? I would love to see pics!

* I think they are cheapest at Walmart, but Amazon sells them too and they have a host of color options

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