Saturday, May 3, 2014

Romping Around

If I had a nickel for every time someone said "I wish I could pull off a romper," I would probably be able to pay for the one I wore to the farmers market this morning. I honestly believe that most people can pull off a romper, it just depends on finding a style and fit that flatters you, like any article of clothing.
photo cred: K-Soms
Think of trying on a romper like looking for a sundress. There are elements that you are immediately going to look for because they flatter your figure best. Personally, I look for a romper with a flowy bottom so that it isn't tight across my butt and a cinched waist. Also, much like wearing a sundress, adding a belt helps to break up the line of the dress and can emphasize the waist, and heels elongate your legs for a more flattering look. Oh, and this logic applies to jumpsuits as well, I don't actually own any, but I think some people pull them off so well. Personally, I know that my 50/50 body distribution means my legs just are not long enough for that look!
Here is some Pinterest inspiration for styling a romper:




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