Monday, May 5, 2014


Color-coding and list-making keeps me grounded and happy. Everyone has a different preference for how they approach school and life, mine is to lay everything out in front of me. I hate forgetting things, and I feel like every time I don't write something down, I end up sitting around for 20 minutes trying to remember what it was that I had found so important before. So naturally, I solve this problem by writing everything out, and that includes blog posts.
lists and journals!
My blog journal comes everywhere with me. It stays in my Longchamp while I am at school, which is basically attached to my hip 24/7 and when I am home, I try to bring it in my purse. You never know what is going to inspire you to write something or influence something in your life. On my old phone, I had a list of quotes and bible verses that I came across and loved. It is so nice to be able to reference that type of stuff on a whim!
If you don't already, consider starting a list of things that inspire you and try to keep it close to you. Whether it is on your phone, in a notebook, or in your agenda, it is nice to be able to glance at little things like that as you go throughout the day or, like in my case, are stuck trying to find something to blog about!
Do any of you have an idea journal?

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