Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Whites

Happy Memorial Day! For all you traditional fashionistas, this weekend signifies the beginning of summer and the emergence of your whites from storage. Personally, I have no problem with winter whites (though there are some qualifiers to that) so I have actually had my white jeans available for use these last couple of weeks!

Top- J. Crew Factory // Jeans- Talbots // Shoes- DSW // Purse- H&M // Earrings- Lou Lou
I used to be so afraid of buying white jeans. My butt and thighs have always been my heaviest part of me so why would I ever want to emphasize them more? Actually, as it turns out, the right fit of white jeans can be decently flattering on anyone, plus they are just so great for summer that it was impossible to pass on them! Mine are from Talbots since I worked there last summer, but around this time of year, you can get them from so many different brands and in styles that will work for you.
If you are looking to pick up a pair in a Memorial Day sale:

One last thing before I go and enjoy the last leg of my three day weekend, remember what this holiday is all about please!

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