Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Superbowl Sunday: Who Are You Pulling For?

Superbowl Sunday is almost hereeeeee! Who else is excited? I mean, even if you don't like football (shame on you), there are parties and the halftime show to look forward to. Disclaimer: not really looking forward to the halftime show, but I like football so it's still a winning situation for me.
Now, you might be wondering who to cheer for? Any Redskins fans out there? I feel your pain, this is just not our year decade sport. Oh well, but you know what, just because you don't like football or have a team in the Superbowl, doesn't mean you can't have a team to cheer for come Sunday. So how do you go about picking a team to cheer for? Don't worry, Sugar Snap Pearls has several ways for you to pick your team and advice for being a one-day fan for the Broncos or Seahawks.
First, let's go over the numero uno rule of temporary fandom...yes, this is an actual thing. Would you want your friend to rub it in your face if your favorite team loses to one who's roster your friend pulled up for the first time that day? I didn't think so. It takes a lot of heart to stick with a team through thick and thin...respect it. If you want an example of a fan who never leaves his team's side, just look to someone like...
ugh, gross, Beibs. disclaimer: I still listen to some of his music #noshame
On that note, temporary, fake, fair weather and other fans who only know 2 names on the roster are fair game to tease if your team wins. In order to do that, of course, you need a team to cheer for. So how are you going to do that? Follow this nifty little flowchart:

So, who am I cheering for this year? I am cheering on...
...Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos!
Why? Well, if you follow the flowchart, the second question asks if you're best friend has a team. While Julia may not have a team in the game, she does go to Tennessee. What, that didn't answer your question? Well, Peyton went to Tennessee, for those of you who didn't know, and he is a hero to that school and if Julia is pulling for her boy, Peyton, I will do it too. Solidarity, sister!
Of course, I am totally cheering for Richard Sherman on the Seahawks too because he is awesome! (see pic below and this article)
Seriously, you can't read that tweet and not get the biggest smile on your face, unless you're a Patriots fan. If you're a Patriots fan...umm awkward, I'm a Yankees fan and I feel your pain, but I still hate Bill and Tom.
Who are you pulling for on Sunday? And stay tuned for some more Superbowl Sunday themed posts this week!


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  1. I'm a Redskins fan! Maybe with this new coach we'll do better next season!