Saturday, January 25, 2014

HerCampus Blogger Network

Why hello there! Long time, no blog! Sorry but I have been fighting a killer little cold all week that is just bad enough that I spend all my free time in bed, but not so bad that I can skip classes. Luckily, I am finally feeling like I am on the mend and I will be back to blogging full-time tomorrow! I actually have several blog posts half-done for next week that I am pretty excited about. In the meantime though, I just wanted to share the amazing news that I got last night!

I was accepted to be a member of the HerCampus Blog Network!!! (the new button is in my sidebar). I have been reading HerCampus for a while and could not be more excited about this. I am so excited to join a network of like-minded college women and have a whole new set of blogs to be exposed to and network with.
As for HerCapmus in general, their nightly Study Break emails have some great articles and are a welcome break from long nights in the library.
Go check out the HerCampus site and sign up for the emails and check out your local chapter!

Well, it's off to the UVA v. Virginia Tech Basketball game for me...Go HOOOOOS


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