Monday, January 27, 2014

Daily Hair Care

Y'all, my next big project is in the mail on its way here and I can barely keep it a secret! Actually, I have sort of already revealed it on here in a previous post, but whatever...I am still so freaking excited. 
So I have now had short hair for a week and a half, and I am still not totally used to it, but I am learning. It's all about the baby steps, like learning that the previous amount of shampoo my hair required could last me a few days with these short locks. Another thing that I have learned is that there is really not a lot of variety when it comes to styling. Seriously, it's like do you want a center or side part? Flipped out, straight, or curled under? Ringlets...yeah right. It's not the worst thing, but it is definitely different.
One thing that I find myself wanting is something that I have not owned or used in a pretty long time...a hair straightener. I have naturally stick straight hair and I just never found myself needing one. Actually, there was that period of time in high school that everyone straightened their hair, regardless of how straight it was, and I participated wholeheartedly in that trend. However, come college it just wasn't really necessary unless I slept with wet hair in a messy bun. Now, I am in the market for a straightener and goodness am I overwhelmed...there are soooo many of them! Luckily, I was able to ask around a bit and find one that I think will work for my super limited requirements, but that got me started on restocking a bunch of products that I had run out of or been running low on.
hair care 101 by sugarsnappearls (product details through set link!)
Daily routines seem to not be that important, but honestly, just harming your hair a bit every day adds up. I love, love, love how healthy my hair is right now and I want to maintain that as it continues to grow out. There are so many products out there and so many different hair textures and styles that I could never pretend to list what each person needs on a daily basis, but there are some core essentials that most people could use. Yes, there are a lot of volumizing products in this set because I believe in big hair, despite gravity and the perpetual state of flat-ness that my hair seems to enjoy.  (Oh and no, 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner did not make the list...thank god! and snaps to anyone who just caught that Legally Blonde: The Musical reference)
Do y'all have any hair care necessities? Anything that I should add to my routine?


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  1. I like to use 100% Pure Argan Oil (you can get it at Whole Foods!) on the ends of my's kind of the same idea as Moroccan oil, but a whole lot cheaper! It keeps my ends nice and smooth, especially when I straighten my hair, plus it doesn't break the bank!