Saturday, January 18, 2014

Locks in Limbo: Changing Your Hairstyle

So I got a big haircut.
Nobody knew I was going to do it, including me. I had been thinking about this since about June, but I was too scared to actually go for it. Actually, I was thinking about getting a haircut to be about the length of Hannah from Pretty Little Liars since then, this medium bob (mob?) was 100% unexpected, but not in a bad way.
not that my hair would ever hold that awesome curl... {via}
I have been kind of stressed and just not feeling like myself for the last couple of months, cumulating in me just really feeling off this past week. I decided that I was going to actively try to get my life back on the track I'd envisioned starting now, and sometimes a big physical change can help get the ball rolling. Of course, now I look like the kid version of myself, but I love it, so I don't really care too much.
Seeing as I have only had this haircut for about 24 hours, I am not exactly an expert on short hair yet, but as I learn more about styling it, etc. I will share with y'all. In the meantime here are some tips for deciding to change up your hairstyle, drastic or not.
1) Think On It: Especially if it is a big change like mine. My hairstylist said she usually tells clients that if they've been thinking about it for 3 months, they should do it. Some changes, like mine, are drastic and are going to take a while to return to their previous state, so make sure you want it!
2) Look up styles for your face shape: I am surprised I like my hair in this bob, but it is a medium bob that will grow out shortly. I have a round face and generally bobs are not the greatest style, but there are plenty of others, like the shoulder length hairstyle I'd originally envisioned. A quick google search comes up with a bunch of results for this, as well as "face shape with bangs," "face shape with layers," etc.
3) Find a Photo: There are so many celebrity styles out there that a google image search can result in. Picking out an ideal cut with one of those helps give the stylist a vision for what you want. (I had kind of done this, but I was feeling pretty flexible as well).
4) Talk to your stylist: Why is this the one that is so often skipped? Y'all, they want to know what you want and they are not mind-readers, plus they can offer really helpful insight. Tell them if you have a specific vision that has to be adhered to. Or, like in my case, tell them what you're going for and then that they have some wiggle room within that.
5) Ask for it longer or less severe than you want: There will be many times that your hair will end up being cut shorter or dyed a slight shade different than what you anticipated. Be prepared for this. I explicitly told my stylist "shoulder length, but err on the side of being too short" so she knew that I didn't want it to be longer than that. In a sense, I asked for my mob (this is a new thing) without anticipating it.
6) Work It: Hair is one of those things that we alone control. We can cut it, grow it out, dye it, curl it, name it, we can do it! So any cut or styling that you have is not permanent. Therefore, love your hair, even if you don't. It's kind of like faking a smile, eventually, it will improve your vision of your hair and you'll love it, and of course you can change it again soon! (pic is unrelated, but Bey is always workin' it).

Have y'all done anything drastic with your hair before? Any styling tips for my short hair?

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