Thursday, January 30, 2014

Superbowl Legend: Vince Lombardi

Vince Lombardi, what a man. What a coach. What a legend. He is football, he is the enduring spirit of winning, and he was an amazing man. Arguably the most iconic man in the history of American football, his quotes are used on a daily basis to inspire athletes and mathletes alike, and the Superbowl Trophy has borne his name since his untimely death from cancer in 1970. This time of year always gets me thinking about him and the incredible legacy he left behind. On Sunday, one team will host the Vince Lombardi trophy high above their heads and become the "world champions" of football. 
Of course, the Superbowl also makes me think of Disney World. Oh, and when I went to google the origin of "I'm going to Disney World," I came across a Wikipedia article dedicated to it. Where would we be without wiki?
Anyways, I decided that Lombardi deserves a post to himself and I don't know about y'all, but I could certainly use some motivation for the end of the week, so here are some of his greatest quotes. I highly recommend looking into his life, personally, I really want to read his biography. Lombardi left a legacy of reaching to become the greatest one can be, something that we can all relate to, even if we aren't competing in the Superbowl on Sunday.

What is your favorite sports related quote?


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