Thursday, January 9, 2014

Kick It Into Gear

First of all, yesterday some sisters and I went to the Kappa Sigma headquarters to drop off a birthday cake in honor of Dr. Charles Richardson's birthday. He was a founder of Chi Omega and a brother of Kappa Sigma. Their headquarters was absolutely stunning and an afternoon of that followed by an evening of cheering on UVA basketball as they crushed Wake Forest was just what I needed. Of course, it is back to J-Term for me today...
with the Dr. Charles Richardson bust in their museum
A little self-criticism never hurt anyone, right? Actually, I don't know the answer. What I do know is that when I looked in the mirror last night as I tried on one of the dresses that I got in the Lilly sale, I did not like what I saw. Yes, I was wearing a size 4 dress...two sizes smaller than what I would have worn at times in high school, and yes it was pretty. What I didn't like was the way my legs looked. I didn't like that despite adding some lotion and a pair of pumps, they still weren't that impressive.
Now, I am never going to have Carrie Underwood legs and I am not complaining about my weight. That isn't what bothered me. The problem I saw when I looked in the mirror was that the reflection was showing me a reality I had been trying to avoid. I have been absolutely horrible about working out, and now, my body is showing it. It is not about just fitting into the dress, it is about how you look once your in it. 
I wasn't upset that I was lacking definition because I wanted to weigh less, I was mad because I let myself fall out of shape. The image in the mirror was upsetting because it confirmed a reality I had been carefully avoiding. One that could no longer be avoided. So, how about no more excuses. How about I just start running again and liking what I see? I am not trying to get the "perfect figure" that others determine, but I would like to be proud of myself when I look in the mirror or at my outfit shots.

Here's to making healthy lifestyle changes and becoming the happy person you deserve to be!


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