Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Resolutions

Happy 2014, y'all!!!
I hope everyone had an amazing time on New Year's Eve, I know I had...great plans. Yeah, unfortunately, I was too tired to go out when the time came so I ended up introducing my momma to "North and South" (that miniseries I watch on repeat) and spent the night cuddling with Luther, my black lab.
Now I am back at school to take a J-Term class on Political and Social Thought in Modern China and then recruitment and spring classes will start right after that. Sometimes I wish I'd take a breather, but I don't regret this at all!
I promised a post of my New Year's Resolutions and the delayed posting of them has given me some time to think. Self-improvement is necessary and healthy, but it can be hard to do, and sometimes we overcommit (story of my life). My resolutions are pretty big picture, seeing as I do have a 22 by 22 list to follow as well. So, without further ado, here are my 2014 resolutions, let's see if I can stick with them!
1) take a "me day" once a month
  This may seem small picture, but in fact it is not. The only way that I will maintain my sanity and still get to do everything I want to do is to understand when to let go. This can be a day of watching TV in my pajamas, going to get coffee with a friend, or just doing whatever it is that I want to do that day. I sometimes get the chance to decompress at night, but planning this once a month will hopefully prevent me from burning out.
2) be more positive
I think this one is directly linked to my exercise (and therefore #3) and these attitudinal changes tend to be harder to implement. Essentially, I just need to more consciously think good thoughts and try to reduce stress...both of which will be aided by exercise.
3) be smart about exercise
I want to run more and further, therefore I need to be realistic about my feet. I have several problems with them and while I can still run, I need to train smarter. Adding in some other cross-training exercises would be great too. This is less of a commitment to exercising as it is to doing it in a healthy way that prevents me from hurting myself and my progress.
4) finish my 22 by 22 list!
This is self-explanatory and I will be so happy once I've done it.
5) be confident in myself

I am definitely one to worry about how people perceive me and I wish that wasn't always the case. This year I really want to work on what I talked about in this post and focus on being happy with who I am and what I have. There is always room for improvement, but writing this down is definitely going to be a helpful reminder.
6) build my blog
I have come to really love blogging over this past year and while I definitely fail to give it as much attention as I could, so I am going to try that now. On that note, there are no words to thank you enough for your support and for reading my blog this past year!!!

I am planning to write these down somewhere and frame them or something so that I am reminded of them and how much I want to accomplish them. If anyone has any solutions for a way to remind myself, I would love to hear them! What are your resolutions?



  1. Love your goals. They are all so reasonable.

    Happy New Year to you!