Monday, December 2, 2013

Study Snacks

Well, it's that time of the year again. The time where you spend every waking hour staring at textbooks, notes, and laptop screens...finals! You would think by my fifth time going through this, I would be prepared for them, but they always seem to sneak up and stress me out more than the semester before.
Now, I don't know about you but I am the queen of study snacking. Seriously, if I am studying for a long period of time, I have to have something to eat or drink sitting next to me. It is so easy to make these study snacks unhealthy, especially with coffee shops in the library (hello, chocolate croissant), but here are a few suggestions that are a bit healthier (or not) and you can bring with you to the library allowing you to have more money to spend on coffee or tea or whatever your study drink of choice is.

Trail Mix
Make your own trail mix with your favorite nuts, dried fruits, carb bite (i.e. Chex or pretzels), and sweet bites (i.e. M&Ms or chocolate chips). Having the protein from the nuts will keep you fueled and help you stay full. Plus this balance promises that both salty and sweet cravings will be satisfied.

I could probably dedicate an entire post to hummus...maybe I will one day. But seriously, it is filling and delicious and you can dip a variety of things in it, plus it comes in so many different flavors. I love Red Pepper Hummus and veggies for a meal or snack. Also, veggies are not that expensive...I don't know why some people think they are aka no excuse not to get them!

It is low in calories and if you drink water while eating it, popcorn is super filling. Popcorn is also a great addition to trail mix. If you don't want plain popcorn, add some cinnamon sugar or a spice to it to change the flavor.

Granola Bars
They take only a couple of minutes to eat, or you can spread it out over  a long period of time. Regardless, they can be pretty filling and are a good brain food!

Fruits and...
You can bring a yogurt, oatmeal, or nothing. Fruits are a great thing to snack on and are pretty easy to transport. As with veggies, they really aren't that expensive if you buy the fruit that is in season.

Cookie Butter
I don't care if it technically isn't healthy, but it is better for you than peanut butter. Eat it with a spoon or pretzels to cure that sweet tooth! Seriously, if you haven't tried this stuff, you need to. It is the best.

Treat yourself! I am not even going to try and pretend that I don't have a sweet tooth that gets the better of me more often than not (^see Cookie Butter). I will be taking full advantage of $5 Arches during finals and enjoying the brownies my Momma left with me. The key is to try to limit how much of them you eat...but if you slip up and eat a tray of cookies, I won't judge, we've all been there and I am sure I will be there this finals season too.

What are your favorite finals study snacks/meals? Anything that I should add to this list?



  1. I take a baggy with some whole wheat pretzels and another baggie with some mini chocolate chip cookies from Trader Joe's! If I know I'm going to be in the library for a really long time, I might throw an energy bar (my favorite are Luna Bars) or a granola bar into my backpack too! (Oh, and if I'm studying in my room, I love to dip pretzels into trader joe's new Cookie & Cocoa's the cookie butter swirled with their version of nutella. Excuse me while I gain 1,000 pounds.)

  2. Cookie butter? Hahaha I didn't know that was a name for it, I call it speculoos spread. Have you ever had those biscoff cookies on airplanes? That's what cookie butter is made of! They are a traditional Belgian cookie, quite popular around the holidays