Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gift Guide: For Your Mistle Toes

Well, I probably should've been packing and cleaning last night, but instead some TV and a homemade dinner basically took over my evening and I have no regrets. Seriously, praise everything! Finals are over and I can head home today. Now that I am heading home for the semester, I can bake Christmas cookies and see my friends (oh, and work)...oh and then come back for January Semester in a couple of weeks, but it will be a much needed break. 
I know I have posted gift guides over the last couple of weeks, but those were primarily gifts for the select few friends who get specialized presents. I mentioned how much I love to give presents in those posts and while it's true, my college budget is not known for having a lot of wiggle room. A month or two ago I came across a post on Pinterest that inspired me (and many other bloggers by the look of my reading list) to get little gifts for a bunch of my friends.
Every girl can use a new bottle of nail polish and these tags I created add a punny, unique flair to your gift. If you have time to order them online (aka you don't need them for a gift exchange in the next couple of days), I highly reccomend using Amazon or eBay to find Essie and other name brand polishes at a lower price. So here's to cute gifts that don't break the bank. Plus, with gifts as easy as these you have time to add some homemade peppermint bark or Christmas cookies to the gift!

What budget-friendly gifts did you give this year?

I went with 2 mini bottles instead of one big one,
but either works!

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  1. Hooray that your finals are over with! Have an awesome break!