Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gift Guide: For the Ladies (Part Two)

It is down to two exams left for this all I need is to not go crazy in the library over the next two days. That's what Bodo's and Starbucks is for right? (hint: the answer is yes) I am so ready to be home for the holidays and hanging out with my friends and pulling a few work shifts, and knowing that is only a few days away is all the motivation I need to get through Monday afternoon.
I started a christmas gift guide on Thursday and despite my best intentions, I just couldn't get the rest done during study breaks yesterday (plus side: I think I did well on today's exam...yes, as in Saturday morning's exam). Anyways, here are two more gift sets for the women in your life, and tomorrow's post will have three more!
Need an idea for your friend who takes as many workout classes as she does college credits? Here are some gift ideas for the gym rat in your life:
sports and style by sugarsnappearls
Need a gift for the social butterfly who commands any and every cocktail hour? Here are some ideas for all those party princesses:
party princess by sugarsnappearls

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  1. I love that pink cowl neck in the first set of gifts. Gorgeous and looks so comfy! :)