Friday, December 27, 2013

For A Long Winter's Nap

If you remember my 22 by 22 list, you might remember that "buying a pajama set" was one of the items to check off of my list. Well, here's an update, I now own three pajama sets, yes, three. For the last several years I have just opted for oversized shirts and sweats in lieu of actual pajamas, but now I am wishing I hadn't. Pajamas are cute and cozy and there is a style for everyone.
You may notice that I included a onesie in here. It was necessary, okay? Seriously, my owl onesie is the bees knees and I have definitely worn it when I am freezing cold and studying in my apartment...and I might have worn it while cleaning the apartment before leaving for break (whatever). And, seriously, they are pretty cheap. I got a 100% cotton flannel set a couple of weeks ago for $15 at can't beat that.
So grab some cocoa and a movie and curl up while you enjoy the rest of your winter break (or the weekend if you live in the "big kid" world)!
for a long winter's nap by sugarsnappearls (links in original set)

What is your go-to outfit when lounging at home?


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