Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Finals Fashion

I was at the library until 1:30am last night and I don't even have an exam today...what is wrong with me? The finals bug, yep, that's it. Sometimes you just have to keep working if you're in the groove and last night was one of those nights. Well, hours of sitting on a chair in the library doesn't exactly scream comfortable, in fact, depending on the chair, it can be downright painful. Finals Week isn't exactly the time to decide to make a fashion statement, but that doesn't mean you can't look cute. (Disclaimer: I wore bean boots, leggings, and a sweatshirt yesterday, so I am not saying you have to look put together.) 
today's outfit
As we all know by now, I like to come up with ways to avoid real pants as much as possible, and that mindset only becomes more a part of me during Finals Week. Here are two outfit ideas for getting through finals week. I have totally bought into the "Dress Well to Test Well" mindset in college, but honestly, I would totally wear this "library" outfit to an exam, I love the tunic!
Finals Fashion by sugarsnappearls
What is your go-to finals outfit? Good luck with exams!


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  1. I need that grey cowl neck sweatshirt? sweater? in my life. Now. That looks like the most comfortable thing in the world!