Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gift Guide: For the Ladies (Part Three)

Guess where I am today? The library! I know, try to hide your's not like I've been living in here all week. Actually, one of the perks of UVA is that there are libraries all over the place so I haven't completely burned out on one, and I never had to go to the first floor of Clemons to study (it's miserable and stressful and a great place for souls to die). Tomorrow I have two exams and then I am home free...well, actually I am back to the apartment to clean like there's no tomorrow and then I get to head home on Tuesday!
Today's post is the third installment of the Sugar Snap Pearls gift guide. These are a bit more universally applicable than the others and are the perfect last-minute gifts for anyone on your list. You can find the previous posts here: guys gifts and ladies gifts part one and part two. And check back tomorrow to find out what I am giving some of my friends for Christmas!
Do you know someone who is always busy and stressed? Here are some ideas to help your friend relax over the holidays:
pampered princess by sugarsnappearls (links to items on polyvore)
Is your friend going to spend the holidays curled up on the couch in front of the fire? Here are some ideas for the friend who loaves to escape reality without leaving the house:
cozy on the couch by sugarsnappearls (links to items on polyvore)
Does your friend need her coffee to function or pull all-nighters in the library? Here are some ideas for the coffee enthusiast or dedicated student in your life:
college and coffee by sugarsnappearls (links to items on polyvore)


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