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Who Wore It Wednesday: Met Gala 2013

Finally some down time from finals week to cover the greatest fashion night of the year, The Met's Costume Institute Gala, or Met Ball/Gala. This event is the toast of the fashion season. Sure, Hollywood award shows and red carpets have celebrities traipsing about decked out in all their designer gear, but this even is special. The Met Gala is all about the fashion. Looks tend to be more true to what the original runway design looked like and the designers often strut down the red carpet with their celebrity models. If you want to read more about it, I found a wikipedia article on it (what doesn't wiki cover?).
If I could sit here and review each of the looks for you, I would, but that would take all day (and I can't blog because allergies are giving me the sniffles). As for my opinions of the outfits, I do not approach the Met Gala the same way I would an awards show, like the Oscars. This is a costume gala and therefore I do appreciate some of the more out-there styles. Basically, if you are looking for me to criticize Miley for rocking a punk rock look to the "Punk: From Chaos to Couture" exhibit opening, it isn't going to happen. I do still love the traditional looks, but I am more forgiving with the crazy ones too.

Best Dressed
The looks I featured here are, by no means, the only looks I loved. I was much more impressed with the turn-out at the gala than I anticipated, so I just picked some of my favorite looks from my favorite categories. 

Best Dressed: Sarah Jessica Parker in Giles Deacon (dress) and Phillip Treacy (headpiece)
Congrats to Sarah Jessica Parker for being my favorite dressed celeb on the red carpet, and no, this is not just because I love SATC. In fact, SJP often flubs the red carpet, but something about this event really agrees with her. This is the second time she has claimed the title of my favorite Met Gala dress, the first being 2006 when she strolled hand-in-hand with Alexander McQueen in a dress made from his family's tartan. Girl, you embraced the costume aspect of this event perfectly and still kept it couture. 
Favorite Dress of 2013?: Uma Thurman in Zac Posen. She looks fabulous and I am just absolutely drooling over the way the dress flows and its color.
Punk Rocker: Miley Cyrus in Marc Jacobs. Haters gonna hate, but MileyBird rocks the punk rock look in accordance with tonight's theme. Any other night of the year this would be just grunge but tonight it's perfect.
Disco Ball: Kate Bosworth in Balmain. Great mini dress overall, and the subtle geometric patterns make it interesting to look at.
Adorable: Hailee Steinfeld in Donna Karan Atelier. She looks so cute in this age-appropriate dress and was the best dressed in a tea skirt hemline. J-Law looked good in hers but it was a bit boring and she looked super bored on the red carpet.
Asymmetrical: Kate Beckinsdale in Alberta Ferretti. I am super OCD about my hemlines but the pleating and waist ruching on this dress make it less harsh to look at and still interesting. Also, why doesn't Google Chrome think "ruching" is a word?
Great Train: Blake Lively in Gucci Premiere. The train on this dress is stunning. I love the satin feather look it has, again a seemingly simple dress that is still intriguing to look at.
Best Floral: Anna Wintour in Chanel. How could I not include the Vogue editor-in-chief who puts this event on. Kim, take notes on how to wear floral from Anna, she looks great!
Best Cutouts: Miranda Kerr in Michael Kors. This was a toughy because Emma Watson looked fabulous in her cutout dress, but the tiebreaker goes to the lady who has had a child and still rocks this look. I also love the metallic clutch as a great pop to this outfit.
Goddess-esque: Dylan Lauren in Ralph Lauren. Can Ralph adopt me? The founder of Dylan's Candy Bar looks amazing in this white gown. I love the subtle metalic details that catch the light in certain pictures. Katie Holmes also wore a great Grecian pleated dress, but I just liked Dylan's a bit more.
Little Black Dress: Giselle Budchen in Anthony Vaccarello. Personally, I am not a huge fan of her, but she looks amazing in this dress. It has the perfect amount of punk rock edge with the hardware and I love that she was having fun on the red carpet, almost as much fun as Kristen Stewart always seems to have ;)
Red Hot and Real: Maggie Gyllenhaal in Calvin Klein. She kept it simple and added a fun statement necklace. Red is a tough color to rock on a red carpet this big but Maggie seems to hold her own. It's a great dress that is hot enough for the red carpet and still acceptable for smaller events and galas. 
Men's Wear: Elizabeth Banks in Atelier Versace. There were several men's wear inspired pieces but most kept it simple and black. I love that she went for the tuxedo jacket mini dress. I know it has been done before, but the gold coloring and those fringe sandals make it unique.

Worst Dressed
There were a ton of train wrecks. I decided to stick to mostly A-list celebs and ones that I was disappointed with, not just that completely flubbed. I mean, does anyone really expect the Olsen Twins to dress in something that isn't vintage and 3 sizes to big for them?

Worst Dressed: Kim Kardashian in Riccardo Tisci
Who on earth dressed her? I am not kidding, this is so bad. It looks like Kim broke into an old lady's house and stole the curtains to make this dress. Oh and Kim, covering yourself literally from neck to fingertip does not hide weight gain or flatter a curvy pregnant woman if the dress is that tight and the thigh slit is there. Maybe you were going for the Heidi Klum pregnant, knockout dress, but it didn't work.
What Happened: Beyonce in Givenchy. I expect more out of this woman. She tore up the red carpet last year, but this unbalanced dress with the horrible matching thigh-high boots was not okay. SJP rocked the thing-highs under a dress, B did not. 
Happy or Sad: Kristen Stewart in Stella McCartney. Here's a shock, Kristen Stewart scowled on the red carpet. I seriously want to shake some emotion into this girl, ugh. This onesie/romper is a total no go. There is nothing flattering about it and her expression fails to sell it at all.
Vampire: Nicole Richie in Topshop. Nicole looks like a vampire and not in a Twilight sparkely and pretty kind of way. If it weren't for her fake-baked skin tone she would seriously look like the Corpse Bride. I see the attempt at a punky edge to a white dress, but the results just aren't there.
Tight and Bright: Lisa Marie Falcon in (no one cares because it's ugly?). So basically this is a middle-aged woman in a too tight dress with her bra exposed, just a hot mess that reflects several of the other disasters I saw.
Frumpy: Gwyneth Paltrow in Valentino. Maybe this is her response to the backlash over her side-bearing cutouts in her last red carpet appearance  but it isn't working for me. She has an amazing figure and usually takes advantage of it, but not in this dress. It actually kind of reminds me of Sleeping Beauty's gown...not in a good way.
THE Train Wreck: Madonna in Givenchy. Sorry to share this. It was really just too awful not to. I really don't think I need to explain the 50 shades of ugly this outfit is.

What were your favorite and least favorite Met Gala looks?


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