Friday, May 31, 2013

Fashion Friday: Summer Is Here

Last weekend I was wondering what summer was and this week Mother Nature was quick to remind me. It has been so hot for the last couple of days! Hopefully I will get the chance to soak up some sun today and lose this pasty Irish tint I have going on, but my to-do list is a mile long. This was an exciting week for me, I went from having no job to 3 job offers overnight. I am going to have 2 jobs (plus my internship) this summer, one of which is at Talbot's and I am so excited for it. That may seem like an excessive amount of work, but I need the money because I spent all of mine!
Monday was Memorial Day and my town has a little carnival with all sorts of food and shopping vendors. I walked around with Momma for the afternoon and definitely appreciated the cooler weather because normally it is crazy hot out there. Monday's outfit was as basic as they come. Sometimes you just have to rock white and denim and get your color from accessories.
top: Target // shorts: J. Crew // belt: Gap (old) // bracelet: Target (wednesday's post) // clutch: Target // shoes: Jack Rogers

This was a crazy, busy day for me. I had an internship meeting, another meeting, and my Talbots interview. Normally I would never go into an interview in shorts, but since it was retail and I was bouncing all over the place I made an exception. Keep in mind though, my 3" chinos had a flat, dark wash and finished look (denim would absolutely not be okay in this situation).
shirt: H&M (old) // shorts: J.Crew // bracelet: Fornash // shoes: Jack Rogers 

I spaced on taking a pic, sorry! I went with white denim J. Crew city fit shorts and a navy top. I changed it up by adding a statement necklace since I was doing my Influenster vlog that morning. Thin t-shirts and shorts are my go-to outfit for the summer. I was totally fine sitting outside all day doing that post and then grabbing (iced) coffee with one of my best friends.

Sometimes I wear workout clothes all day...this was one of those days. I did start my summer reading though. I am such a book worm and am so excited to read these books. Also, I scored 7 basic t-shirts at Old Navy for $45! They are so similar to the J. Crew artist fit tees and for a fraction of the cost!
Some days I just struggle with an outfit. Today is one of those days. I have been completely unable to find something I want to wear this morning so I will have to go to the new house where my entire wardrobe is because I didn't want to unpack it here just to move it all. The result of that is a lot of driving across town and getting angry at my suitcase. Today's outfit is hard to choose because K and N have prom tonight! They are rocking white dinner jackets (not a white tux) and since I am going to pictures with them, it matters what I wear too and I don't want to have to change. The outfit I end up choosing will be on Instagram once I do, but it won't be on this post until a bit later this afternoon.
dress: TJ Maxx // necklace: Forever 21 // shoes: Simply Vera- Vera Wang

Also, good luck to K, N, and the rest of their lacrosse team as they start the state tournament tomorrow!

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  1. I'll have to check out those t-shirts at Old Navy! I love the J. Crew t-shirts, but not on my college girl budget!