Friday, May 3, 2013

Fashion Friday: Mega Catch-Up Edition!

So I finally have a moment to breathe and of course I am going to spend it catching up on this blog a bit. So much has happened over the last two weeks and I was totally out of pocket driving back and forth to my house twice last weekend! Now is time for finals and packing up and getting ready for summer. The end of the year is always so bittersweet, but I am really excited for beach week with some awesome sisters and my internship this summer
Last Week Roundup First!
The weather did that thing where it refused to be especially warm despite the time of year. I usually don't like wearing skinny jeans tucked into my cowboy boots, but I actually liked this look. And of course, one of my go-to Ralph Lauren button ups...seriously, I'd be lost without these.
top: Ralph Lauren // jeans: Gap // boots: Ariat

Long live the boyfriend jean. How about we keep these around forever because they are the most comfortable things ever. I love the Gap ones because they have the super soft wash so basically they feel like pajamas! 
top: Target // jeans: Gap // shoes: Steve Madden // necklace: old // bracelets: Fornash // belt: boutique around home, but they have these everywhere

The. Chambray. Dress. making it's debut. I love this dress, you just can't beat $12 at Old Navy (I think it's back to full price now). Target also had a bunch of chambray dresses when I went in today, so there are plenty of options out there!
dress: Old Navy // bracelets: old // shoes: Jack Rogers

I love basic black and color. It is so easy to take this basic outfit and change it however you want. This blazer is perfect for this time of year because it's just cotton so it is light enough for mid-afternoon and casual enough for everyday wear.
blazer: Target (last year) // jeans: H&M // shoes: Jack Rogers 

During the day I was just in a running skirt because I had to go pick up my race packet, but I got to go to the capitals game that night! I love hockey, seriously, I could watch it all day. I hadn't gotten to go to any games because the lockout conveniently ended just in time for me to go back to school so I was over-the-moon about this game. For those of you wondering, the Caps beat the Bruins 4-3 in overtime! 
top: Caps store // jeans: American Eagle // shoes: Target (last year)

13.1 miles DONE at the Nike Women's Half Marathon! Did any of y'all run it too? I ended up hurting my foot so I couldn't actually run the whole thing (ugh) but I was still happy that I finished. It actually marks 6 months until the Marine Corps Marathon that I am running in October. Anyways I ran this with a couple of sisters, well I would've run more 'with them' if I knew how to click buttons and sign up for corral groups (I was in the 12-14 minute mile pace...whoops). For those of you who don't know, the finishers of this race get a special Nike Tiffany&Co. necklace for finishing the race instead of a medal. After the race, I drove right back to C-Ville since I had to finish 2 papers!
First of all, I honestly thought I was going to fall on my face walking down stairs because I was so sore. And then I drove 2 hours back home so I was doubly cramped haha! That's right, after turning in my papers, Katie and I drove home to see our brothers' lacrosse senior night. It was an amazing game and I am so glad I went. They won in overtime and K had 4 goals (N is on defense)! I am so proud of them, seriously, they are amazing men and I cannot believe all those boys are graduating and going off to college!
I wore K's jersey and pin (could it be any bigger?) and Momma wore N's..also, they announced me as "Megan" when we walked N, luckily they got it right when we walked K!
Oh, and today I found out that K got first team all-district and N got honorable mention...heck yeah! Also, I did not anticipate wearing a red jersey when I brought home red pants for those of you who saw those pics on facebook...

Pink and Yellow is such a happy combination. I think I am going to have to start wearing it more because I just love it so much. Got really creative with the Ralph Lauren button down...again. This button down is a bigger and looser fit though, you know, for those days when you just want to be really comfortable.
top: Ralph Lauren // jeans: Gap // shoes: Jack Rogers // bracelet: Fornash

Stripes and mint, another combination that will be getting more action in the near future. As you can tell by now, 3" J. Crew chinos are my go-to short and can add so much life to any outfit. This bracelet I am wearing is Fornash and just feeds my starfish jewelry addiction. I didn't realize that I have so much starfish jewelry until recently, but they are great because it's a subtle enough touch of summer that it can be worn year round.
top: H&M // shorts: J. Crew // belt: Gap // shoes: Jack Rogers // bracelet: Fornash

Thursday and Friday:
I went back to my favorite study spot yesterday and rocked leggings and a t-shirt both days. I had a really hard final this morning and just needed to not think about my outfit. However, usually I go for the "if I am going to fail, I may as well look good" approach to exams, just not today. I also engaged in a little retail therapy as you can see on my instagram. Just walking around Target puts me in a better mood, a gift card and amazing clearance prices only further that happiness. 

Have an amazing weekend! And I promise that I will try to put up a couple of posts next week!


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