Friday, May 24, 2013

Fashion Friday: The Swing of Things

I miss these Fashion Friday posts! This week has been the first week of break that I have actually been home and it is so nice to see everyone. Most of my friends are mega-lame and doing super cool things all over the world this summer so I am stuck at home without them this summer. I guess that means I have a lot of time to work though, right?
So I started to have some eye issues Saturday night and since regular drops didn't provide any relief, I decided to go to the doctor. Basically I went to the doctor, they told me I had pink eye, and they decided to do routine blood work. All of my favorite things (said no one ever). I wore a maxi dress because it really is the easiest thing when the weather permits. The fish bracelet is the one I talked about in my Critter Bracelet post from yesterday.
dress: Walmart (for the win!) // bracelet: Target (in stores) // shoes: Ann Taylor Loft (old) // bag: Vineyard Vines

I had my first meeting for my internship! I am interning with Women On Course this summer and I already love it. It is a golf and networking organization for professional women, regardless of their prior experience. It highlights the lifestyle associated with golf (think wine and fashion), not just the game. I believe Lilly Pulitzer is appropriate for all big days, so of course I wore one of my cotton Lilly shifts. I also saw The Great Gatsby with Julia (my America twin/other half who is deserting me to go back to Knoxville this summer). I absolutely loved the parties, costumes and cinematography! 
dress: Lilly Pulitzer (similar) // bracelets: Fornash and Kiel James Patrick // shoes: Jack Rogers

It was so hot on Wednesday. I was melting while I was sitting outside. All of my clothes are at the new house (I didn't want to unpack here and then pack and move again) so I had to run back to the house to change, hence the bathroom mirror selfie. This top is actually a bit see through, but it isn't too bad and on a hot day it becomes more acceptable. I picked out potential paint samples, "Appletini" and "Intoxication" are front runners...whoops! I am so excited for a bright room at the new house! That night was the regional semi-finals and, at my brothers urging, I changed into a red dress for the evening and they won so they are in the finals tonight!
top: TJ Maxx? // shorts: J. Crew // shoes: Ann Taylor Loft 

I had a second meeting for my internship so I just threw on my cute chambray dress for that. Then in the afternoon I went back to a frat tank and norts look to sit on the deck and chat with my brothers (one of my favorite things about being home for summer). Finally, I had my 3 year-old cousin for the evening! F and I went to Outback for dinner and watched Hercules...pretty successful night. Oh, and he made a little video message to thank me for cute!
how gorgeous are these peonies by my driveway?

Okay, today is another 2 outfit day since I have the boys game tonight, but I have no idea what to wear tonight. What is it about having so many clothes and yet nothing to wear? I actually don't own as much red as I thought I did, which is a problem for tonight's game! For today I just went with an easy outfit. J. Crew chino shorts are the best. Normally I don't like shorts, but these just add such an awesome pop of color to any outfit. I snagged this clutch from Target on clearance for $5 a couple of weeks ago, gotta love Target! 
sweater: Target // shirt: H&M // shorts: J. Crew // shoes: Jack Rogers // necklace: Etsy // watch: NY&Co. 


P.S. a HUUUUGGGGEEEE congratulations to my wonderful sister in Chi Omega from Virginia Tech for getting married today! Congrats to you Kelly and I your special day with David is as amazing as you are! LICO

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  1. I love your maxi dress! I hope your eye is feeling better!

    Happy Friday!