Monday, May 6, 2013

Monogrammed Dorm Room

This weekend, in addition to being completely sidelined by my allergies, I sent over half of my dorm room home with Momma. I am going right from my final on Friday to Raleigh for NC State's graduation and I absolutely cannot pack all of my stuff into my Toyota Highlander. Realistically, we were going to need two cars to move my room anyways (as you can tell, I have an excessive amount of clothing) so this just allowed me to see Momma for a bit. I know I saw her last week and I will see her again this weekend, but we haven't had any time to just hang out and finals always make me anxious and homesick.
First thing about Monogrammed Monday, Charlottesville peeps, I am sorry for being the reason it has rained almost every Monday since I wanted it to the day after Spring Break. I promise I won't wish for anything like that again. Anyways, today is all about a super easy monogram DIY. I love wall monograms and especially the lasered wood ones that are super popular now, but being a girl on a budget calls for more economically friendly options.
The monogram on my wall could not have been easier or more inexpensive to create. Seriously, it is the wood letters from Michael's and some paint. I wanted to add a personal touch to my room and all my accents are pink and green. Then I saw the Lilly paper lanterns at the bookstore and I decided they were necessary to frame my monogram. This acted as an awesome headboard since I didn't actually have one. Also, I added more decorations to the walls later because my room felt like a jail cell. Cinderblock walls, really? I am not going to miss this room, at all, mostly because I literally live at the farthest, most isolated point of grounds. 

old picstitch from right after I decorated 

I will do a dorm decorating post later in the summer when I have some time. For now, I have to turn on my self-control app and get some studying done for my 2 exams tomorrow!


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