Monday, November 3, 2014

Hints of the Holidays

So on Saturday, I bought a Christmas ornament at work and today I am using my free drink to indulge in my first peppermint mocha of the season because I have missed those red cups quite a bit. I know it's early for Christmas to most, and I am not the biggest fan of decorating before Thanksgiving, but in college, I feel like we always miss out on Christmas things because everyone disappears into that deep, dark hole we call finals. Plus, my apartment is looking a little sad without all of our Halloween decorations.

I am not ready to break out the Christmas carols ( not start playing Jingle Bells before Thanksgiving) or Christmas tree, but there are a few little hints of the holidays that you can start to indulge in now without getting too much into the Christmas spirit before the appropriate time.

Red Nail Polish: This is totally acceptable all fall, so it is nice and subtle. A rich, cranberry red is the perfect touch of Christmas red without being overbearing.
Fair Isle Sweaters: So this llama sweater isn't exactly traditional fair isle, but I just really love it. I saw it last year and never got around to ordering it, so I plan to pick it up this year on J. Crew Factory's website. Any fair isle sweater is appropriate for the November cold that is going to start creeping in here soon...I mean, unless it's crazy Christmas.
The Nutcracker: This is for studying purposes only. I will make an exception for this, because classical music is good for studying and my friend, Logan, pointed out that adding this to the study mix was pretty harmless. Don't get carried away on this one...
Starbucks Red Cups: They're back and if you want to go to Starbucks, you're gonna have to just accept that you will be the recipient of a Christmas cup. And I mean, since the Christmas cups are out, I guess a Peppermint Mocha wouldn't hurt...
Christmas Cookie Candle: So your house smells like sugar cookies? That's not too Christmas-y. I don't break out the sugar cookie candles year round, so this is a special occasion type of thing for me.
Ornaments: Please note that I said ornaments, not Christmas trees. I actually bought an adorable moose ornament from the store I work at that goes with the other ornaments I have at home. It just made sense...right?


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