Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mad For Plaid

In typical Virginia fashion, the weather went from the mid-60s over the last couple of days to being in the 40s all weekend. I don't dislike fall weather, but I do like a little regularity in my forecast. One of the nice things about the weather getting colder is my wardrobe getting to circulate a bit. I am so ready to break out wool sweaters and my new coat for class in the mornings. I am also ready for plaid! Plaid is one of those patterns that can work year round in certain capacities, but it always comes back to reminding me of curling up with a cozy blanket by the fire in the winter. This time of year, you can find plaid items from coffee cups to blankets to flannel shirts. Nothing is off-limits when it comes to featuring this winter classic. 
Find all these items here!
I just got the plaid flats from Old Navy for $12.50 during their big sale going on now! Online they are a bit more expensive, but I got my pair in the store on Monday for 50% off, so it might be worth stopping by a location close to you!


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  1. Virginia weather is... kind-of not PC to say it but... it's so bipolar! Yesterday was in the 60s, today the mid-40s. I need consistency! Like you, when the weather gets cool, I become a big fan of plaid. Scarves, flannel pajamas, shirts, suits... so pretty. I love the black watch plaid - which is navy and forest green.