Monday, November 17, 2014

Bridesmaid Revisited

Have you seen that movie 27 Dresses? Well, if not, you should really do it as soon as possible. It is such a cute chick flick and will remind you how much you love to sing Bennie and the Jets at karaoke night. Anyways, in the movie, she has a closet with all her bridesmaid dresses hung up and I can't help but think how much that must stink. I mean, you spend money on a dress, take a bunch of pictures in it, and then it just sits in a closet never to be used again, especially when the dress has a more formal look to it!
You can't always help whether or not you like the dress you're wearing, but if you do like the dress, why not wear it again? I picked the dress I am wearing for the wedding because I know I can wear it again at a later date for a cocktail party or other semi-formal event. One place that you can get a great dress that can be repurposed is Weddington Way. They contacted me a couple of weeks ago about restyling bridesmaid dresses and I knew it was a dilemma I could definitely relate to. They have so many wonderful dresses and it is really easy to pick one that goes with your needs using their filters. 
link to this set
Personally, I love this cute cocktail dress that I picked out to repurpose based on the outfit I'll be wearing in my dad's wedding a week from Saturday. I kept my accessories neutral for the wedding itself, but I love dressing it up for a fun cocktail hour reception later on. The wedding I am in is in the morning and that was one of the main reasons I am keeping the colors neutral, but a cocktail hour calls for some fun accessories!
Have any of you restyled a bridesmaid dress? I would love to know what you did!


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