Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Five: Kate Middleton Shoes

Happy Friday Friends. I spent last night trying to get my life back together by reorganizing my closet and most of my room. Some days you just need a night off to get everything in order. 

1) News Anchor Dances to "Where They At Doe?"

My friend, Logan, shared this with me a couple of days ago and I think I watched it 5 times in a row. Now there are a couple of other videos of him dancing while his co-anchor gives him the evil eye, but this one is still my favorite. He is so dorky and just having a great time without caring what people think. Seriously, he makes me want to join in and embarrassing myself is literally my least favorite thing in the world.

This article is pretty well done and as an entrepreneur in the early stages of a business, I loved reading about the advantages of being one. "If no one's calling you crazy, then you're not thinking big enough." I don't think everyone has to be an entrepreneur, but I feel like entrepreneurs are the ones with the stories we use to inspire ourselves in all professional, and even personal, endeavors so why not think like one?

My roommate posted this on my wall and another friend texted it to me so obviously this had to make the cut today. I was cracking up the whole time I read this list because it is all so true. I mean, I know there are names that have way more struggles than mine, but it is hilarious how many struggles there are for a fairly common, four-letter name! Also, one of the women at another store in the chain that I work at thinks my name is "Anne" not "Erin" and always calls me Annie-Bananie...I just go with it now.

I am a notoriously indecisive person so this blog post title immediately drew me in. The information in this post is not exactly news, but it is always nice to get some perspective on life and decision-making from someone you admire. 

Also known as the Duchess Catherine shoe...
I got these shoes for my dad's wedding because I figured if they are comfortable enough for the Duchess to wear to all those engagements, they are comfortable enough for me. They came in yesterday and before I've even broken them in I can tell they are going to be a great shoe.



  1. Part of being famous is offering up this blank screen upon which people can project everything, and it's a sacred act, putting yourself out there. I just love being incognito.