Thursday, November 20, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: for the Guys

Happy belated Birthday to my baby brothers! They have officially survived their teenage years and are now mature...or something like that. Of course their birthday got me thinking about presents, especially with Christmas right around the corner. The boys and I tend to do Birthmas presents for each other since we have later fall birthdays and that way we can spend more on presents...of course this is all relative because we are broke college students!
All the gifts I included here are under $100 so they are perfect for any college student or recent graduate to give without breaking the bank. Actually, they're perfect for really any budget because they are all great gifts, even if only for a stocking stuffer!
find all these awesome gifts here!
Personally, I know that Kyle and Nate will love anything preppy or America-themed so there is a bit of a bias in this list. Usually, I get them a sweater from LL Bean because those are their favorite sweaters, especially in that Blacksburg cold! Oh and that belt, how perfect for the boys who love to fish?!? (Hopefully they don't choose to read this post and spoil what very well may be one of their presents this year)

Any other gift ideas? I would love some other choices of things to get them!

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