Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sugar Snap Pearls' Guide to Being Basic

Last weekend I was a Starbucks Latte for Halloween. I was pretty proud of it so naturally it wound up on Instagram...and the next morning it ended up on another Instagram account because of how basic my costume was...
Yep, I was named Basic B*tch of the Day. Since I am clearly an expert on the subject, I thought I would share some tips on how you can one day earn the title Basic Betch of the Day:
Instagram your Starbucks (bonus points if it's the red holiday cup)
Listen to Taylor Swift's new album while you work out on the elliptical
Eat froyo
Have a wine night
Spend your early lecture perusing's too early to function
Add more pins to your Wedding Pinterest Board even though you're single
Determine important life decisions with Buzzfeed quizzes
Wear workout clothes to class with no intention of going to the gym
Feeling like no one but Taylor Swift understands you
Actually taking the time to decide which oversized tshirt to wear to class
Pose for "candids" with your friends
Take selfies with your friends (bonus points if you do a duck face)
Duck boots or Hunter wellies if there is a 20% chance of rain...don't forget the monogrammed rain coat
Use mason jars for anything but canning
Brunch with bottomless mimosas
Pumpkin Spice anything
Netflix Binge on Chick Flicks
Obsess over Paris because it's just such a romantic city
Have a girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence...she's so cool
Own at least one Naked palette
Wear Uggs and Yoga Pants on those days when you just can't even

What are your basic betch tips?

P.S. This post is meant to be funny...please don't be offended

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