Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

So Halloween is two days away, meaning tomorrow night is the first night of costumes. Have you picked out what you're going to wear yet? If not, don't sweat it. It is amazing how many things you can do with just a few simple items from your wardrobe and a craft store. Personally, I love getting dressed up for Halloweekend. I already planned out my costumes for this year and I am so excited to make them tonight and tomorrow! If you are looking for a costume idea, this post has some of my favorite, relatively easy costumes to inspire you. 

Costume Ideas:

Rosie the Riveter
Denim Shirt
Red Bandana
Red lipstick

Fantasy Football
Football Jersey
Fairy Wings and maybe a wand

Yellow shirt
Cowboy boots
Cowboy Hat
Tape with "ANDY" written on it
*you can make a vest by cutting a white t-shirt into one and then sharpie-ing on the cow print*

Board Name Titles
T-shirt or actual cork board to display them

Orange t-shirt
Black tank top
*cut the face's holes in the orange shirt and layer over the tank*

Minnie/Mickey Mouse
Red skirt/pants
Black shirt
White Gloves
Mouse ears
(Bow for Minnie)

Charlie Brown
Yellow t-shirt
Black paint
*just paint a black zig-zag line on the shirt*

Princess Leia
White Dress
Side Buns

Sheldon and Amy
Sheldon Shirt (buy one or make one)
Jean Skirt
Mary Jane flats

Starbucks Barista
White Polo
Green Apron
Black Hat
Starbucks cup (that you can drink out of!)


Plaid uniform skirt
White Button-down

Trophy Wife
Big Ring

White Shirt
White pants
Black paint
Orange construction paper
*paint 3 dots on the shirt and glue the paper into a cone shape then cut it to fit onto your face and tie with twine*

Holly Golightly
Black Dress
Pearl Necklace with Charm
Black Shoes
High Bun
Bedazzled Comb for Hair
*I actually used an old pair of big earrings as the comb in this picture and I wrapped a bracelet around the necklace for the charm! Bonus if you bring a stuffed cat or croissant with you*

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