Monday, October 13, 2014

Different Types of Duck a sale!

Dressing for dreary days in college mean preparing for the worst. If it's overcast, do not leave that umbrella at are just going to guarantee that it is going to rain. Of course, footwear is important too, and that is why I love my duck boots. Oh, and did I mention that they're on sale on LL Bean today?
I love my Hunter Wellies too, but they are bigger and bulkier, and if it doesn't rain, I kind of feel dumb wearing them. Fortunately, duck boots are so widely acceptable that I don't worry about it. They also come in so many different brands, colors, and styles.
find all these boots here!
What was once just a basic boot has taken on so many different appearances to reflect anyone's personal style. As for me, I used to have the 8" boots, but I love my 6" brown bean boots now because they're a little less restrictive. One of the biggest pluses for these boots is that they somehow manage to go with everything. Here are some of my favorite pins with duck boots:

What type of duck boots do you have?


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