Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Five: All of Us

Apparently this is my first Friday Five since September...oops. Also, I turn 22 on Sunday. I can't believe it! I still am going to desperately attempt to get as much of that 22 by 22 list done in preparation for my 23 by 23 list that I will be unveiling on Sunday. 

This tumblr is gold. I will probably never look at a J. Crew ad in the same way again and I am totally okay with that. Plus, the last drunk ad in this series is "burrito time" which is eerily similar to "two guys tacos time" that Meghan and I enjoy indulging in.

2) Factory Dotted Gigi Pants
Speaking of J. Crew...these came in yesterday and the second I tried them on, I decided to take that I was going to be wearing them as often as I can. They are so comfortable and cute in an understated way. Admittedly I am really partial to anything with polka dots, but I think these are universally appealing!

3) LeConte Lodge
Seeing as going camping is going to be added to my 23 by 23 list, this seems like a pretty cool trip for the spring or summer. And yes, I actually want to go camping. I don't know exactly why I am adding this to my list, but unless I change my mind in the next 48 hours, I will be needing to find some friends to rope into this outdoor adventure. That being said, this lodge has unbelievable views and I love that you have to hike to get to it, totally removing yourself from the hustle and bustle of every day life.

My roommate shared this with me on Facebook and we have 16/18. We are missing the decorative wine holders and a motivational bathroom message. It is really funny how many of these we have though. We both have cute coffee mugs that we use all the time

Last night over the course of 20 minutes one of my friends and my dad both told me about this article. I guess people think I like sports? This is really interesting though because I bet most people (including myself) wouldn't know where it came from. Also, in case you don't already know, the Kansas City Royals will be facing off against the San Francisco Giants in the World Series.

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