Monday, October 6, 2014

Feels Like Fall...Decorations!

Today I went to Walmart for some supplies to fight this cold I am getting and of course the first thing I saw when I walked in was the Halloween displays. I was able to stay far away from the candy, but I did go through the decorations aisle. Decorating for the holidays is one of my favorite parts of having my own apartment. I already have a bunch of general fall decorations from last year, but I love the little touches for the particular holiday! At home, my momma always has great seasonal decorations and that has definitely been one of the biggest influences in my love for decorating here. 
Of course, on a college budget, it is no fun to spend all your social money on decorations that only last a month or two, so here are a couple of steps to add a seasonal touch to your apartment without breaking the bank!
1) Door Decorations: We (now) have a little Trick or Treat sign from Walmart, but a fall wreath would last even longer than that. You can get a wreath at Walmart, Michaels, Home Goods, or Target for a decent price. If you go to Michaels, you can even make it a DI wreath!
2) Pumpkins: Pumpkins and other gourds are inexpensive fresh, but you can also get fake ones. I have a couple of cute wood pumpkins for my mantle from last year that I got at Home Goods for next to nothing!
3. Scented Candles: I love candles, but at my apartment I just use a wax melter. Spiced pumpkin is always a good choice, but there are so many delicious fall scents!
4. Fall Flowers: I get most of my flowers at Trader Joe's and I love the rich colors that come out in the fall. Fake flowers are always a good, allergy-free option as well. For those, check Walmart or Michaels (especially if you have a coupon!).
5. Cozy Throw Blankets: A wool blanket draped over a couch corner just adds to the atmosphere of the room. Plus, you can grab a blanket, a cup of tea, and hunker down on the couch. I love, love, love sitting in front of a fire this time of year. We don't have working fireplaces in our apartment, but that doesn't mean I can't spend a lazy evening cozy on the couch!

How do you prepare for fall?


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