Monday, September 30, 2013

Rough Week

"School prepares you for the real, world which also sucks."
Happy Bunny (yeah...)

Anyone remember when Happy Bunny was almost cool? I know I do. I had 2 shirts and pajamas and...I'm gonna stop embarrassing myself there.
Anyways, I am writing this post while writing a paper with a thesis I changed 14 hours before the deadline so that's exciting. I am going to be kind of MIA on this blog until Thursday and maybe even then if I decide to try to catch up on sleep. Basically, I still blog but this week (and weekend because of Parent's Formal) is just not conducive to blogging.

Have a great couple of days and I hope your week involves more sleep and less mediocre coffee than mine.



  1. Ever since school started I have found the amount of time I spend blogging to be limited. Good luck getting everything finished!


  2. Oh man, I feel like we're in the same boat on this one! I have been up way too late recently. :(

  3. wow I can totally relate but dont stress, grab a latte , computer, pair of the most comfy leggings or jeans and head to a quiet place! Good Luck !