Thursday, September 26, 2013

Allergy Season

This morning I woke up to discover allergy season has hit Charlottesville. Fall allergies tend to come out of the middle of nowhere for me, often before most of the leaves have changed.  Since I ended up having no classes today and a to-do list a mile long, I got to spend some time sitting at my kitchen table in my apartment checking it activity I will resume after my evening meetings (college is busy!).

My Allergy Survival List:

Coffee is my favorite morning (well, really anytime) drink. However, I stick to tea when I have a scratchy throat. There are so many great herbal teas out there that can sooth the sorest of throats. For my fellow caffeine lovers, I recommend a black tea infused with spearmint!


It's sweet and sometimes I like to add it to my tea. I've also heard that local honey can help with allergies? I don't know that this is true but I always buy local honey and frequently sneak a spoonful of it on its own! 

Cough Drops
Sometimes these help, sometimes they don't. Regardless, I keep a little stash of these ready to combat a day with bad allergies.


I cannot stress this one enough! Drink tons of water. It will help clear up your sinuses and water won't hurt a scratchy throat, in fact it may help. Keeping hydrated always makes me feel better when I am under the weather.

Allergy Medicine
Obviously, talk to your doctor before taking any medicine first and foremost. I am not a doctor or anything remotely close to one, but my doctor always knows what's best for my allergies. Keeping ahead on my routine here does wonders for the allergies!

Has anyone else been hit by fall allergies yet?


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  1. Oh I hate allergy/flu season. I feel like I'm getting a cold, so I'm currently eating as many vitamin C rich foods as possible!