Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fall Essentials: Kicking it Off

I don't know if I have mentioned it before, but I have kind of been in the process of a closet overhaul since high school. It wasn't that I had bad style back then...I've been preppy since the day I was born (yeah, I did have the embarrassing denim skirt and popped polo phase...who didn't?), but I sometimes bought cheap, trendy pieces that sat in my closet making it look infinitely more full than it was. 
From now on, I am all about the reusable, multi-outfit essentials (plus the occasional fun piece...they're necessary). I decided to share some of my favorite additions for fall, even if it is still hot outside...but it's okay because the Pumpkin Spice Latte is backkkkk!

Factory Accordion Pleat Mini
I did not buy this in every color...okay maybe I did. Whatever, I am in love with this skirt. It is a great wool blend that is perfect for chilly fall and winter days. I am debating returning the gray one because it feels a little "Catholic School Girl Uniform" to me, but they really are the best. Skirts that sit higher on me tend to be more flattering and I just love the way these fit.  The skirt doesn't have a lot of give and I wanted it to look a bit more A-line so I went with the 6 instead of the 4. (this skirt order was a fiasco for me and I literally ended up with 16 of probably think I am kidding, but I'm not)

Penny Loafers
Okay, I love these and while I don't have them, I am desperate for a pair. I don't know if I prefer the darker burgundy or tan, but they're a great shoe. The advantage of these is that they're more substantial than a flat, but can easily be worn with a skirt too...perfect for those of you trying to cram a wardrobe into a dorm room. My desire for these may also stem from my love of Nancy Drew books when I was younger when I read them all (in numerical order because I can't deal with reading books out of order).

Ponte Pants and Leggings
Ponte is basically a gift from God. I'm serious, if you haven't tried these leggings yet, do it now. They're so comfortable and much more substantial than leggings (great for girls like me who have a butt!). I got the J. Crew Gigi Pant, but they're a bit long so I need to get them hemmed (also order a size down!). I also ordered the C. Wonder Jodhpur Legging in their (awesome) labor day sale in navy. I figured a Navy legging was good for me to have, plus I love the patch on the inside of the leg...cute detail!

Fall Coats
I didn't get much use of these my freshman year at Virginia Tech since it goes straight to winter with that wind chill, but I got so much use out of my LL Bean Barn Coat last year. While I'd love a Barbour, there is no way my budget will allow for that expense until I graduate and get a big girl job. I also picked up a cute J. Crew jacket (similar) in their August sale and am really excited to have it to add to my fall wardrobe. 

Button-ups and Popovers
I love button-ups and have started to develop quite the collection. They're perfect for jeans, skirts, or any bottom you pair them with. They add an effortless level of completion to any outfit. Popovers are also great, I got my first one recently and I am thinking of adding more. They're a little less formal and perfect to pair with leggings.

I'll do a couple more fall essential posts in the coming weeks...I just couldn't wait to share some of my favorites! What are your staple fall pieces?


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  1. We were totally on the same wavelength today...and even included/mentioned some of the same pieces! Happy shopping!