Monday, September 9, 2013

Rowdy Redneck and Sorority Socials

So I should be reading or doing my spanish homework right now...but I wanted to blog and decided that was more important, so, you're welcome ;)
First off...HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to (one of) my little(s), Emily. I adore you and I am so happy that I got you as a little! Who knew that my first owl pal would become one of my favorite Chi Omegas!
Anyways, back to blogging! This weekend was so much fun. Chi Omega had our first date function of the year...the infamous Rowdy Redneck! We kick off the year with this d-func every year and it was a blast. I took one of the Chi O transfers and we had so much fun. I loved everyone's costumes and it was great to get to see everyone. 
Having so much fun got me thinking about other date function themes so I went on a bit of a pinterest binge and here are some of my favorites that I think everyone should suggest as a mixer/dfunc theme in the future! Hope y'alls weeks are off to a great start!


other social/date function ideas:

"noah's ark" (left) "you are what you drink" (right)
"dynamic duos" (left) "nursery rhymes" (right)

What is the best social/date function theme you've been to?


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  1. I found this link through Pinterest and thought "Wow, that really looks like Rowdy at UVA..." And then I realized I recognized half these pictures. I was super pumped when your Game Day post verified that you're a fellow Wahoo, I'm a '12 alum :)