Thursday, September 12, 2013

College Commitments

"The secret of happiness is: Find something more important than you are and dedicate your life to it."
-Daniel Dennett

Have you ever heard that it is better to stretch 6 inches wide and 2 feet deep than it is to stretch 2 feet wide and 6 inches deep? Well, that is the jist of what my high school counselors and other mentors have always told me. It makes sense, why be barely involved in a dozen things when you can really delve into 3-4? 
I believe that college is both one of the best opportunities to explore what interests you, and the final chance to do so before the responsibility of the real world comes crashing down post-graduation...okay, that might have been a bit dramatic but you get the idea. 
Do what you love and love what you do. Don't do something because it will bolster your resume...if you hate it that will show and it will affect you in other ways. Yesterday I had 4 classes and 3 discussions and all I could think about was how excited I was for my Relay for Life meeting that night. And guess what? After my meeting I went to the Chi Omega house and spent another hour brainstorming with one of my sisters about Relay. I love Relay and I love working on things for the organization no matter how exhausted I am.
lovely Chi Omegas take Relay (indoors because of dumb rain...)

It isn't too late to get involved. Write down a list of things you love and look at flyers around campus/grounds. Ask friends what they do and stop and talk to people who are tabling. Just find something and get involved now. You will find that as you pursue a passion, it motivates you to achieve. I believe in hard work, but I also believe that without passion, hard work is just an empty shell with little reward to show. 
This should translate into other aspects of your life. Pick a major that inspires you, that is why I study Foreign Affairs! Find a summer position that exposes you to an interest. I am so lucky to be a fellow of The Perfect Game Foundation. I got to work on an amazing internship this summer and while working 2 jobs plus an internship sounds crazy to some, it wasn't for me because I reveled in the time I got to spend working for a sports-related company.

Pick a passion and pursue it. It sounds so simple, yet it took me 20+ years to really understand it.


P.S. for all my Hokies out there, Ut Prosim might be the phrase with the single biggest impact on me throughout my life. I guess you really do bleed maroon and orange once you touch that Hokie Stone...

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