Tuesday, July 9, 2013

In the Nude

Okay...this post is probably not what you are assuming based on the title. Yeah, it says nudity, no it doesn't mean you should go drop out of school and join forces with the naked cowboy...I am talking about nude flats. The nude flat is perfect for school or work, summer or winter, formal or informal...basically, it's perfect.

I live in flats and boots at school. Seriously, I love my flats because I am not coordinated, nor do I care enough, to kill my feet navigating the brick sidewalks at school in heels. They also translate really well into my summer wardrobe, making them an awesome investment piece. I got my nude flats from DSW during my senior year of High School and have completely worn them into the ground (same with my black ones...ugh). The other day I was looking at them and realized how badly I needed a new pair, and how badly y'all need these in your wardrobe. Girls who are heading off to dorm life, buy rain boots, nude flats, sneakers, and riding boots...that is all you will need (I mean, I had way more...but that's just me). I wear these flats all the dang time. I can throw them on and am basically guaranteed that they will match whatever I am wearing at the time. Plus, if you're short like me, you could use the slightly longer leg look they provide.

Personally, I am a huge fan of the Steve Madden Heaven flat. They are $40, and $40 well spent. These flats have survived 3 years, two of which involved traipsing around college campuses. My flats have paid for themselves ten times over and I am so sad to see them go (so is my bank account).
While I love these flats, I am actually thinking of investing in a different pair. I like pointed toe flats because they make my short legs look longer, so I have been looking at those.
Again though, I love these Steve Madden ones and even if I don't end up with the nude ones again,  they have a bunch of other colors that will probably end up in my wardrobe.

What is your go-to flat?


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